Receiver Tweaker

What is it ?

Receiver Tweaker is a simple tool that I wrote to patch the receiver.arf file used by the Rio/Dell Audio Receiver Manager software. Go here to see the details on the dynamic volume leveling patch that you can apply to your Receiver with this tool.

Installing Receiver Tweaker

Installation is easy, if you already have the Visual Basic 6 runtime files on your machine. To install it, simply download it from this site, unzip it into in any folder you choose and then run ReceiverTweaker.exe

If you get an error message saying that a DLL file is missing or "out of date", then you also need to install the Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files (just under 1Mb in size). You may already have these files, so try running Receiver Tweaker first before wasting time downloading these files.

Using Receiver Tweaker

As you can see from the screen shot below, using Receiver Tweaker is very straight forward:

All you have to do is, enter the path to your existing receiver.arf, your kernel zImage file that you want to patch it with and the path that you want the new ARF file output to. Once you have done that, click on "Tweak". If all goes well within a couple of seconds you will receive a message saying your new ARF file has been tweaked.

Once you this is done you can shut down the Audio Receiver Manager application, replace the current receiver.arf file with the one you have tweaked and restart the Audio Receiver Manager application.

The new kernel will then be available to your Receiver(s) next time you remove and re-apply the power to them.

WARNING: Receiver Tweaker will not warn you if the target file you have chosen already exists, when you click on "Tweak" the target file will be overwritten.

Known issues

None, except that the tool could be a little easier to use if you could browse for files and if it remembered the path to the files when you closed the tool.